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Coal Gangue Crusher

Coal Gangue Crusher

Type: Crusher
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Coal gangue crusher is mainly used in crushing coal gangue, shale, coal cinder, slag, building rubbish in brick and tile industry. It is solving those problems that regarding gangue, coal cinder as the add material and the fuel, crushing the gangue, shale production standard bricks, hollow bricks and some high wet materials. Hongyun machine factory is successfully developed an utility model patents machine with a long investigation, careful design and brave practice, which can easily crushing the high wet coal gangue material—coal gangue crusher. The produce breaks through a big problem which is crushing high wet materials. The market has a good reaction in recent years. coal gangue crusher has many advantages, including large yield, low noise, high efficiency in crushing, which has solved the problem that the old hammer of crusher and the liner will be abraded fast.coal gangue crusher is suitable for large, medium and small brick factory, coal washing plant, slag plant, colliery and other industries. The new crusher is continuous improvement and technological innovation on the basis of the old crusher and forming special production model. It has the following features and functions:
1. Dual-rotor crushing twice
 Two sets of rotor in mutual series. The material will be crushed by the higher rotor hammer and then be fine crushed by the lower rotor hammer which is rotating rapidly. The material in lumen inversely impact each other and crushing until reaching the effect of hammer powder, material and the material of powder material, and then the material will be discharged.
2. Have no the bottom of the screen, adapts to high wet material, works smoothly    
Traditional crusher with the bottom of the screen is not applied to the wet materials which contained water beyond 8%. When the moisture of the raw material is higher than 10%, the crusher is easily happening occlusion and it will lead to the hammer can not move, and the material can not be discharged or even burn out the motor. That wills seriously affecting production.   
This machine has not the bottom of the screen, and there is no a strict requires for the wet materials, thus, there are not the problems that block the bottom of the screen. And there is no fine powder which can’t be discharged in time and the problem of repeat crushing, thus, it has high crushing efficiency. Besides, the hammer will not be worn.
3, Unique technology of displace and adjust the gap
The gap between the hammer which has been worn and the liner will become large and the size of material will become big. Then, it can reduce the gap by moving the site of the hammer from center to outside to continuously use the machine. In the contrary, it can adjust the gap by put the liner from outside to inside to control the size of discharging.
4. Set up counterweight balance wheel, moving stability, saving 25% power
The end of the upper and lower rotors shaft will be set up flywheel, and the flywheel can adjust the speed fluctuations of operation circle. Thus, it can move stability, increase rotational inertia, overcome the resistance movement, and saving more 25% power.
5.  Centralized lubrication systems, continuous operation and lubricate at the suitable time, and it is convenient
 Lubrication systems of coal gangue crusher have changed the traditional way of fills the lubricants, such as butter mouth and oil cup. A pump will be installed in the machine and it can provide the oil for all the components. Operating one step, most components can be provided for the oil. The whole machine is filling lubricating oil to the bearing at any time when it working and it is very easy and quickly. Because of the whole oil line is sealed, it can avoid the dust into the bearings and destroy it.
6.Hydraulic starting engine shell by manual operation
Opening and closing device by hydraulic, by using it and a person can easily open and close the shell. It is not only light, quick and safe, reliable, but easy to repair.
1.Dual-rotor crushing twice, larger output t and the size of discharging is under 3 mm
2.High wear-resistant alloy hammer, manganese steel liner, and it can services for a long time,
3. Replace the traditional crusher, have no the bottom of the screen, adapts to high wet material, works smoothly    
4. Unique technology of displace and adjust the gap
5. Double rotors of two-stage, moving stability, saving 25% power
6. Centralized lubrication systems, continuous operation and lubricate at the suitable time, and it is convenient
7. Hydraulic pressure can start and self-locking the machine shell, replacing the hammer liner is not only safe but also saving time and labor force 












2PC1400×1200 ≤200



than 2mm

is over




0.5mm is

over 50%

100—120 <20% 132+160 5800×2658×3210
2PC1200×1000 ≤200 80—100 110+132 4086×2230×2550
2PC1100×1000 ≤180 60-90 90+110 4086×2030×2337
2PC900×1000 ≤120 50-70 55+75 3950×1750×2280
2PC800×700 ≤120 45-60 55+55 3485×1400×2254
2PC800×600 ≤120 35-55 45+55 3625×1314×2065
2PC600×600 ≤110 20-30 22+22 2875×1300×1650
2PC600×400 ≤100 15-25 18.5+22 2350×926×1630
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